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Time Sync

With Time Sync you can keep your computer in time by synchornizing it's time and calendar with the atomic clock servers trough nts, time or htp protocol. You can define time servers on Time Sync configuration window and make it start when windows is started, also minimized if you wish to.

When running minimized on the tray and when ever you go over the tray icon it will show you hint of when time is last checked or updated as well as the icon color will tell you when it was needed to adjust your PC clock. Time will be updated only if there is at least 5 seconds difference to your computer clock, meaning that you'll be only 5 seconds at maximum late from your next meeting!

Updated21.5.2009 15:21:20
  • Fixed bug on internet update function
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    The NTP Public Services Project does have great information about public time servers available on the internet.

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