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Home Revision Management System

Home Revision Management System (Home RMS) is a simple revision management tool that allows you to keep track of changes to a project, and can automatically backup the project folder each time, so that you have a full set of file revisions available.

Beside list and backed up revisions, it can do releases from the revisions too. Each released revision can have description of its own. Releases can then be distributed via prepared lists to network and ftp locations defined by few clicks easily.

Not only being revision management system, Home RMS can hold information of releases done from these revisions. Managing those revisions that is to be released is something that normally is not included in this type of applications and is forced to be taken care in document management systems of the companies - which doesn't sound like a correct location for these files directly!

Revision management system is extremely reliable, fast and easy to use. Also it is designed to allow revision management on multiple users as well - just all user needs to have access to the same "backup" folder on the server computer. Home RMS supports customized local project locations.

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