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This section of pages contain some more other applications that I've not developed enough far to publish on it's own page. Of couse, as soon as some of these does have more success, they will have download page and descriptions of their own =).

Intranet Phonebook

Intranet Phonebook is a very easy to use phonebook with possbility to have photos on each name for companies that do not want to have separate authentication to get into the phonebook. Too much usernames and passwords can really hurt company productivity badly. Here's example of how easy, fast, reliable phone book can be when done correctly.

Updated23.9.2011 16:50:10
  • fixed uploading of files (pictures)
  • added internet update possibility
  • added some option(s) onto the server side
  • enabled run time themes
  • made whole thing into installer package
  • added icons for server being active/inactive
  • FileIntranetPhonebookInstall.exe
    Size872,71 KB

    Web Task list

    Web Task List is an web server application that will hold tasks on the internet for anyone to access. Really simple and easy interface makes it possible to allow anyone use it for example in intranets for the software bug list or what ever purpose most easy way.

    Updated13.9.2008 7:21:32
    Size257,02 KB

    Home Ftp Client

    Home Ftp Client is extremely easy to use Ftp client. It remembers the view and connection settings for the next startup to easy access to the most used important place(s).

    Updated3.1.2008 22:27:34
    Size668,41 KB

    Photoviewer Script Creator

    The interface to make TripTracker slideshow is simple - just insert the script source, initialize the viewer and photo links, and call the method. But this tool is to make this script without writing one line of code, and anyway some help will be needed in case of > 100 pictures anyway.

    Updated14.1.2008 16:53:40
    Size260,43 KB

    Home File Server

    Home File Server is a server that is used for updating applications via the internet on the server end. Server accept requests for getting the file build, date, crc32 and listing of files that is assigned to some specific header as request. If any of the request above informs about new revision of that specific application, it allows to download that or list of files assigned to the header. Delphi example with source is implemented into the installer package (includes executable in case you don't want to go into source immediately for testing).

    Updated3.11.2009 18:01:42
  • headerlists changed to structure
  • added password field to the header, in case that is defined, password is required from the client with the correct header
  • added limitcnt field to the header to limit download count to some specific amount
  • fixed possible bugs on import & export file headers function
  • added possibility to reset counter values
  • added counter to hold total downloads (not same than resettable count)
  • FileHomeFileServerInstall.exe
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    Simple Thumbnail Creator

    Updated28.10.2007 11:58:18
    Size573,47 KB

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