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ISAPI Applications

I'll be collecting here ISAPI.dll applications to run with Home Web Server for example. Most of these is or has been in use on some of the pages that I've created or done on request by someone using the Home Web Server They all include delphi source code to see the actual functionality begind and to allow modifying the applications for your own needs.

Isapi.dll extensions are loaded on the server normally to maintan some frequently tasks; these could be for example forums that are execetuted lots of param by lots of people. Because isapi extensions are loaded normally only once in web server session, using this type application for forums, prevent need to load the forum messages database on every execution of any client. Isapi.dll is normally unload only on server shutdown. Unlike Isapi.dll extensions, CGI applications is executed as whole on run (also unloaded) and could be much usefull for smaller more rarely used tasks.

Isapi Chat
Very easy to use chat application that can handle several domains similar way to Isapi Forum that is available below to download. Current chat room is passed to the Chat script as parameter, and chat script will then handle everything from that on internally. On first run chat script creates setting file, that user needs to modify to get look and feel as the rest of pages require (Header and Footer file).

Updated8.4.2010 11:48:20
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Isapi Forum
Simple, easy to setup, Isapi_Forum.dll to use freely on your web pages. Easy to setup doesn't mean that it's totally not customizable. On first run Forum script creates setting file to the dll-bin folder and also serves user instructions how to continue with setting up the Forum. Forum also supports multiple domains on the server. Forum name is to be passed to script as parameter in that case, see forums on these pages as an example of how to do it.

Updated24.9.2011 13:29:42
  • fixed bug on checking if smileys exist on short message content
  • showing setting file name on first created setting file (and in case error occures while trying to load setting file)
  • changed way dllfolder is threated when it's passed via html parameters
  • fixed bug on clearing temp buffers on saving settings or dllfolders for the very first time
  • added option to not to allow creating new settings files (isapi_forum.cfg)
  • isapi_forum.cfg locatoni is now fixed to the application's folder instead of dllfolder
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    Example for Delphi
    Really simple example for Delphi. This might be good place to start building your own isapi extension with Delphi, should be quite easy to understand once you open this into your environment.

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