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CGI Applications

I'll be collecting here CGI applications to run with Home Web Server for example. Most of these is or has been in use on some of the pages that I've created or done on request by someone using the Home Web Server They all include delphi source code to see the actual functionality begind and to allow modifying the applications for your own needs.

CGI applications are used for tasks on the web server such as uploading file or other quite rarely happening things. These applications normally will not stay on the server memory, other than just the execution time, unlike the isapi.dll extensions will stay memory as long as the server is running.

Simple, easy to setup, forum CGI to use freely on your web pages. Easy to setup doesn't mean that it's totally not customizable. I did this to have support channel for the other products I have on these pages. Also there's isapi forum available for download that bases on this cgi forum (this was the one created first).

See also Lazarus CGI Forum project.

Updated24.9.2011 13:29:36
  • added special feature to use forum as bug list
  • added fixed column index setting
  • started implementing possibility to link to the individual discussions (link to title)
  • added optional debug logging compiler define for easier debugging, not logging by default
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    Photo Gallery
    Extremely easy to use photo gallery script. Script will create config file on first launch that will have all default settings written in that should describe all the functions quite nicely. After script is pointed with folder containing photos/pictures, gallery script will automatically create thumbnails of those pictures and show them according to the settings on the response with link to the original photo/picture.

    Updated11.7.2009 12:28:54
    FileCGI photo
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    Chat/Shout Box
    Simple customizable chat application that does not require anything special from the server side. Just copy the cgi to the cgi sripts folder and launch. After first launch it creates the setting file to modify into the same folder.

    Updated16.4.2009 10:13:22
  • added tryout to reduce amount of possible spam in the chats -> will filter now out things like: "Fine site! Buy cheapest hydrocodone - hydrocodone". There's setting to prevent certain words in sent texts, and if such words exists, message is not stored.
  • added possibility to redirect directly to other page to make it possible to use chat.cgi only for storing the contents of the iframe (can be now put onto the main page for example).
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    Online Edit
    Edit cgi script is for online editing files stored on the web server. It allows having header and footer files for customization and does regognize only two commands: loadfile and safefile. From these two commands loadfile will open the file for editing and does internally handle saving the file. Very simple online editing tool without any access level limitting.

    See also Lazarus CGI Edit project.

    Updated23.9.2011 16:25:02
  • Default textarea wrap type set to physical
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    Log File
    Log file can be used to store/append data into any file on the server easily. As all above, this does allow show customized header and footer on succesfull storing of sent text line.

    Updated18.5.2012 17:11:48
  • added possibility to just log "text" input from the client request
  • added setting to disable showing of timestamp in the beginning
  • added setting to customize separator between strings on line on the log
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    Upload File
    CGI application that stores file sent as multipart attachment to the server.

    Updated14.9.2008 18:18:40
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