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API Pack

API Component pack contains several different components for different purposes that has been developed during my own needs in applications and some of some one others need; this is the direction in future also.

Package has been compiled using following compilers:
  • Delphi 7
  • Delphi 2007
  • Delphi 2010
  • Delphi XE, XE5
  • Lazarus + Free Pascal

  • All components are improved by the requests of users and also users can improve them. Just only thing I want is that every improvement is sent to me also, just to know whats happening and through this I'm able to add those features into the package available here (

    If you have any suggestions or want to report about bug in some of the components, please feel free to use the programming forum for that purpose. You might get some help even to how to use these if you ask your question onto the forum.

    Archived package does contain components, full source code to all of the components and uncompiled examples of how to use each of the component. Each component source does have individual revision history listed at the beginning of the file.

    Updated6.12.2014 13:44:18
  • Re-added some removed now missing component properties
  • Fixed XE/XE2 package contents
    Size4,57 MB
    Count90 since 15.5.2014


    Because there is too many too complicated licenses (see this), I decided not to apply to any of those and write as little as possible as license for the package and it's contents - these all are just free. Please use them as you wish, I just make these available for download on these pages; You your self are responsible of the usage and anything that these might cause on your or anybody else's computer or anything else.

    Source Files

    Below file listing is shown directly from shared folder /shared/programming/API_pack/. Zip package downloadable always has the latest available files, but the source files listing below is updated usually same time there's any change done to the package available to download. Files are shown here for just to have a quick look inside, what to expect.

    API_232rw.pas40,90 KB16.9.2014 15:04:42
    API_abform.pas8,48 KB29.5.2014 12:08:52
    API_audio.pas11,64 KB29.5.2014 12:08:56
    API_base.pas12,99 KB4.9.2014 15:39:54
    API_bk8x.pas21,15 KB16.8.2014 12:33:08
    API_bk8x00.pas35,77 KB16.8.2014 12:32:36
    API_chart.pas24,30 KB6.11.2014 19:44:28
    API_checkbox.pas15,38 KB29.5.2014 12:09:42
    API_compress.pas7,23 KB16.8.2014 12:31:10
    API_confirmdlg.pas4,84 KB29.5.2014 12:09:48
    API_dirmonitor.pas7,27 KB16.8.2014 12:33:18
    API_edit.pas24,00 KB13.6.2014 19:53:14
    API_eMail.pas13,19 KB14.5.2014 18:55:24
    API_files.pas79,52 KB4.9.2014 15:39:54
    API_filestream.pas13,61 KB29.5.2014 12:10:04
    API_framegrab.pas38,24 KB29.5.2014 12:10:08
    API_globals.pas10,61 KB16.8.2014 9:22:42
    API_glpanel.pas67,04 KB16.8.2014 12:33:46
    API_gradient.pas14,81 KB7.11.2014 16:17:16
    API_graphics.pas20,43 KB8.11.2014 16:21:06
    API_grbutton.pas39,13 KB6.11.2014 19:07:00
    API_inifile.pas8,14 KB29.5.2014 12:10:24
    API_IntelHEX16.pas7,79 KB17.10.2014 18:24:40
    API_keylog.pas6,33 KB29.5.2014 12:10:30
    API_label.pas12,14 KB4.9.2014 15:39:56
    API_Language.pas10,63 KB4.9.2014 15:39:56
    API_ledgrid.pas16,24 KB7.8.2014 18:37:26
    API_linechart.pas22,56 KB7.11.2014 16:06:22
    API_listbox.pas52,59 KB8.11.2014 16:35:28
    API_logfile.pas15,02 KB21.10.2014 15:47:30
    API_logindlg.pas4,91 KB29.5.2014 12:10:54
    API_mailslot.pas7,52 KB29.5.2014 12:10:58
    API_math.pas17,27 KB29.5.2014 12:11:04
    API_memo.pas12,50 KB4.9.2014 19:04:24
    API_memoquery.pas3,44 KB29.5.2014 12:11:12
    API_modem.pas18,12 KB29.5.2014 12:11:14
    API_msexcel.pas18,59 KB4.2.2011 11:25:30
    API_msg2dlg.pas5,06 KB29.5.2014 12:11:18
    API_msgcomm.pas6,83 KB29.5.2014 12:11:20
    API_msgdlg.pas4,63 KB29.5.2014 12:11:22
    API_PageControl.pas9,20 KB13.3.2012 15:39:32
    API_paintbox.pas1,98 KB29.5.2014 12:11:24
    API_parser.pas5,08 KB29.5.2014 12:11:28
    API_printer.pas5,01 KB29.5.2014 12:11:30
    API_processlimit.pas4,30 KB4.9.2014 15:39:56
    API_progressbar.pas11,59 KB4.9.2014 15:39:56
    API_radiogroup.pas4,43 KB4.2.2011 11:25:28
    API_registry.pas16,09 KB4.9.2014 15:39:56
    API_richedit.pas16,15 KB14.2.2013 20:19:42
    API_rs232.pas12,61 KB29.5.2014 12:11:40
    API_ScrollList.pas24,33 KB7.11.2014 16:13:18
    API_services.pas15,98 KB29.5.2014 12:11:48
    API_skin.pas21,83 KB4.2.2011 11:25:24
    API_soundfx.pas3,16 KB29.5.2014 12:11:50
    API_SRecordFile.pas12,20 KB17.10.2014 18:24:40
    API_statebmp.pas9,35 KB29.5.2014 12:11:56
    API_statusbar.pas5,17 KB4.9.2014 15:39:56
    API_StorageFile.pas16,19 KB16.8.2014 12:31:20
    API_stringgrid.pas18,79 KB16.8.2014 12:39:24
    API_strings.pas75,90 KB8.10.2014 16:10:54
    API_sync.pas2,79 KB29.5.2014 12:12:14
    api_tektronix.pas1,39 KB15.10.2014 19:41:00
    API_thread.pas25,51 KB16.8.2014 12:33:38
    API_tileimage.pas4,53 KB16.8.2014 12:38:56
    API_timer.pas8,34 KB8.11.2014 16:26:46
    API_tools.pas47,23 KB15.4.2013 19:39:38
    API_trackbar.pas17,06 KB29.5.2014 12:12:28
    API_trayicon.pas19,62 KB4.9.2014 15:39:56
    API_usb.pas4,76 KB4.2.2011 11:25:40
    API_usermanager.pas19,08 KB29.5.2014 12:12:30
    API_valueholder.pas20,44 KB29.5.2014 12:12:34
    API_vfw.pas89,93 KB29.5.2014 12:12:38
    API_windows.pas25,38 KB4.2.2011 11:25:28
    API_winprocess.pas16,82 KB16.8.2014 12:38:44
    API_workbook.pas57,08 KB16.8.2014 12:37:30
    API_XMLDoc.pas16,13 KB16.8.2014 12:35:10
    API_XMLfile.pas7,01 KB4.2.2011 11:25:30
    77 items (1,40 MB)
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